About Us

HydroSport was founded in 2019 by a group of young entrepreneurs from Manchester, with the goal of reducing plastic waste, and providing sustainable and sleek products to our customers. Our company currently consists of 12 members, of which you can learn more about below. HydroSport operates as part of the Young Enterprise competition, of which the team is currently competing in the national finals, fighting for a place in the european competition. While only having a short history HydroSport has gone through many changes and imporvements over the past 6 months. Our first product was launched in December 2019 and achieved great commercial success. Since then our product has gone through many improvements in response to our customer feedback. Since the original release of the HydroSport Smart many changes have been made, including the upgrading of our touch-sensitive temperature display, as well as an important upgrade to the paint finish used on our bottles. In Early 2020 we began plans for the release of our second product, the HydroSport handle. Released in March 2020, the HydroSport handle was designed to make our bottles, as well as our competitors bottles easier to hold whilst running, hiking or taking part in many other activities. HydroSport has seen great success since its founding in 2019, and would like to extend thanks to all customers and followers of our brand, as without you we would not be able to spread our products and important messages related to enviromental change.

Meet the team

Rami Kers

Managing Director

Kian Tomlinson

Digital Director

Sam Thomasson

Company Secretary 

Matthew Madiera

Sales Team

Joseph Bradbury

Managing Assistant

Amelie Vernon

Sales Director

Joe Tabachnik

Marketing Director

Andrew Hovell

Marketing Team

James Whelan

Managing Assistant

Oliver Barton 

Financial Director

James Hartland

Social Media Manager 

Charlie Vokes

Marketing Team

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