Q: Is my HydroSport Smart bottle leak-proof?​

A: Yes, all HydroSport bottles feature a watertight silicone seal.

Q: How long will my HydroSport Smart touch-sensitive temperature display last?

A: All HydroSport Smart bottles come with a touch sensitive temperature display. This display features a lithium ion battery that is rated to last for 15,000 taps, which we hope should last you at least two years.

Q: Can I purchase a replacement lid for my HydroSport Smart bottle?

A: Currently we are working with our supplier to provide surplus lids that will be available for purchase very soon.


Q: What size bottles do we offer?

A: Currently we only offer our compact 350ml design.


Q: The lid on my HydroSport Smart bottle is squeaking - what should I do?

A: This is quite a common occurrence, so no need to worry. This happens due to the friction between the silicone seal and the lid. Because of this there is not much we can do to prevent this, however we have seen that making sure the lid and bottle are completely dry before use helps this issue.


Q: What are HydroSport Smart bottles made from?

A: The main body of our HydroSport smart is made from SUS316 Stainless steel. This is BPA free and is highly durable.


Q: Will my temperature display break if I drop my bottle?

A: We have tested this issue and have found that small drops and bumps should not damage the screen in any way. However larger drops have led to the screen cracking or breaking. These damages by misuse are not covered under warranty.


Q: Can my HydroSport Smart bottle rust?

A: With correct use your HydroSport smart bottle should not rust. However, leaving liquid in our bottle for extended periods of time can lead to some minor rusting.


Q: Can I place a wholesale order of the HydroSport Smart bottle?

A: Yes, we do take wholesale orders. If you wish to negotiate a wholesale order contact us at teamhydrosport@gmail.com.

Q: I wish to return a HydroSport product. Is this possible?

A: For returns queries check our Returns Policy page, or email us at teamhydrosport@gmail.com.

Q: My HydroSport Smart bottle is no longer working, what can i do?

A: Check our warranty page for more information on this. If you are still unsure, you can email us at teamhydrosport@gmail.com.

Q: My order has not arrived, what should I do?

A: Customers should wait up to 8 business days after placing an order before enquiring. If you have paid for express shipping, you can email us a teamhydrosport@gmail.com to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

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