Oliver Barton

Hi my name is Oliver Barton and currently my role in the business is as the Financial Director. My role mostly involves keeping track of the financial standing of the company, such as keeping on top of all money coming in and out of the company. I also advise the company on how we are doing financially, and what risks we can and can't take. Through this journey I have gained crucial experience in accounting. I applied for this role because the way a company runs has always fascinated me, so when the opportunity came forward I knew that I would want to be a part of it. I have learnt to construct balance sheets, income statements and financial reports, as of a result of my time within the company. This journey has helped me realise what future career i would like to have, and what i need to do to achieve that goal. Being a part of HydroSport has not only helped me develop new skills, but also taught me the importance of being a leader whilst working amongst a team. 

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