Why Choose HydroSport?

Plastic pollution is a prominent problem in our society. Specifically, single-use plastic bottles are a primary cause of pollution in our oceans. Increasingly responsible citizens are choosing to switch to reusable bottles in order to cut down on their plastic waste. Many companies offering reusable stainless steel bottles have emerged to tackle this issue. Valued customers are spoilt for choice, often paying extortionate prices for a bottle that the production of has massively impacted our planet. With the release of HydroSport, we aim to make your choice easier. Our bottle is sourced responsibly, with full transparency to our customers. For every bottle sold, we aim plant one tree, in an attempt to make us a carbon positive brand. Our fast-paced brand is matched only by our bottles. A touch-sensitive temperature display on top will make your life that much easier. Our bottles can keep any beverage hot for 12 hours or cold for 24 hours, with the temperature on our HydroSport Smart bottles allowing the user to make sure they can enjoy their beverage of choice at the perfect temperature. With the touch-sensitive temperature display, users can drink without the worry of a burnt tongue. We have researched the optimum water temperatures for hydration, weight loss, and comfort. Water at 16° celsius will hydrate the body as fast as possible, while water at 37° will cause you to conserve energy. Water above 63° will burn your tongue. At HydroSport, the customer comes first. The wide range of colours of bottles available ensures that everyone will find a HydroSport bottle to suit them. By choosing HydroSport, you are investing in your own future, saving money by not purchasing plastic bottles, while also saving the planet. Drink plastic-free. Drink HydroSport.

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